Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Seven Documentaries To Watch

Here are seven documentaries I loved watching. They can be viewed from:
  1. Enron - The Smartest Guys in the Room
  2. Why we Fight?
  3. Manufacturing Consent
  4. The Slow Poisoning of India
  5. The Fog of War
  6. The Corporation
  7. Super Size Me


Raunak said...

Great picks,
Smartest Guys in the Room was much of an expected one, Fog of War on the other hand is terrific, the possibility of 'what if' that lingers in the background is too hard to let go.

I would like to recommend a three part documentary series by BBC, called "The Trap', to categorize it, it is about political science exploring the perception of freedom. Although extremely engaging & insightful.

Another documentary film I enjoyed a lot was 'March of the penguins' & 'Microcosmos'.

Microcosmos is a french documentary film, although the language is immaterial since there is hardly any dialog, but just extreme close up visuals of the insect life on our planet & charting their day-to-day lives. Its bizzare to see the mechanics of a life form which seems almost automatic, yet sized 1000 times smaller than us.

Another good documentary is 'The crude awakening', its about Oil, oil scarcity & the policies adopted (or not) by governments to focus on such an impending possibility. Its wonderful to listen to 'blind' assumptions of these macroeconomic experts about just blindly predicting volumes of oil reserves. but nevertheless an extremely illuminating film.


Sanjay Bakshi said...

Thanks Raunak for those tips.

March of the Penguins is fantastic. Its been so popular that one can buy a version in India which has Amitabh Bachan as the narrator instead of Morgan Freeman. I haven't seen the AB version but I totally loved the MF version.

Vaneet said...

Great Professor,

I liked Why we fight very much, though I had watched smartest guys in the room earlier by buying dvd. I never knew that it is available free :). Thanks.


Buttermouth said...

Have you ever tried visiting

They have a lot of great documentaries just like these.

Sanjay Bakshi said...

Thank you buttermouth for that link.

Mahendra Naik said...

Thanks for the link. Watched smartest guys, will check out the rest later. is also interesting.

Anonymous said...

IMO, Century of Self is the best documentary on that website. It covers so much ground about so many things, the basis being the human mind and its conditioning. Very highly recommended.