Sunday, July 31, 2005

These are a few of my favourite things (from

Since 1997, I have purchased 433 books, dvds, audio cds and other stuff from, with books constituting more than 80% of the total purchases. Of the books I have bought and read, I found some of them worth recommending to others. These books are listed in four lists on
  1. Great books on finance and investment;
  2. Other books on finance I loved reading;
  3. Biographies/Autobiographies I loved reading; and
  4. Books which helped me in multi-disciplinary thinking.

I also plan to make a list of my favourite films, which I shall post here shortly.


Rohit said...

i also follow buffett, graham keenly
read your analysis on the stock market and found it very interesting.
I had the same view points but have the following difference in opinion on the conclusion
- the business cycle is at peak ( ROE for most the nifty and sensex stocks is around 20 % plus (the avg has been 16-18 % ).
- Operating margins are at all time high
- interest rates and debt levels are at all time low and so is depreciation (could be due to high capacity utilisation)

My thought was the current earnings are due to a combination of the above factors. If we were to consider the normalised earnings based on the last 10 years ( in terms of ROE, Operating margins, interest rates and depreciation ) , then the PE is closer to 17-18

Not alarming valuations, but not with enough margin of safety to commit new capital.

just a few additional thoughts ...

but great post and i would following your blog

ps: i have read your articles in the past on your website and found them very interesting

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